21 septiembre 2010

Sarabande Suite (Aeternae)

Es tu libre
Vraiment libre?
As bien de Aeternae
Est-il phantome
qui habite
approcher de Aeternae
Bien se calmer

+[Dann P]
Earthly prophet
Break free, high x2
Dreamless, hoping
Set wings to fly

+[The Purcell Singers]
Hoping, Dreaming
Take our bounty to the near world
Hoping, Dreaming
With our hearts and minds to heaven
Oh, lost seekers
All the values of past eras
Oh, lost dreamers
Find hope
In the valley of the promise!

+[Dann P & The Purcell Singers]
Ah, men are free x2 Faith found
Amen x3 Vocal
(aeternae, aeternae)

+[Dann P The Purcell Singers]
Earthly angel
Hold me, Forget
Angel terreste
Tiens-moi, regrette
Forever free
Olam vaed
Eternal vie
Olam vaed x3

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